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( article on democracy )

Democracy must be unity in the center, and the balance is. Democracy for the people to determine what is best for the nation as a whole. The unit and the balance of power and ensure that no ... This can happen unexpectedly.

Maybe democracy today is just a dream, or more like a hallucination, a ghost of its former self. We believe in democracy, in the United States, because we want to. In the same way that the believer wants to believe in God. Neither party can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is or not, God is love. How can people feel democracy is more than a dream, today is an illusion?

Like the United States, Rome was a republic with democratic values. Model of Roman political thinkers and has inspired many modern democracies models imitate the Romans and Greeks. In ancient Rome, political leaders have chosen to serve their country without charge. In the days before Julius Caesar changed everything, care to help balance the senators knew Rome.

The political, cultural and economic conditions that have carried out the Roman Empire was abolished by economic fragmentation, ultimately leading to the Middle Ages. Economic mistakes made in Rome, the empire continued to report the collapse of other social, political, military and, with the invasion from the outside, and the usurpers of the empire. Rome began to lose its identity as a people of foreign countries began to change in the individual rooms. In short, economic collapse, left Rome began to change, and ultimately, too many wars, terrorist attacks, and the dependence of the final fall of the Roman Empire corrupt ... Damage caused by errors in the Roman economy dry, and helped people who are very ignorant people about the "elite" to help members. Middle Ages followed shortly after the remains of the empire collapsed ...

Today, the American empire, or what the world thinks is a démocratique.Afin nation to solve our current economic problems, these problems are properly implemented there is no democracy.

Instead of tyranny and dictatorship, democracy and the ability of individuals to control how their country is run offers. "Leaders" and politicians should work for the people to hunt, without violence or any kind of revolution. Why people today are ignored by the political leaders of the United States? If people say, "We want to end the war. Want to end the war" the troops home. But it would be a good idea or a bad idea in any case determines what people will do. Good or bad, they will get what they want, or face the fact that they live in a truly democratic country.

The political ideal of democracy and the idea is in the word "unity" is summarized. Democracy is supposed to be something bigger than themselves. Larger than the culture of democracy, the past, their personal desires. If we are motivated by love of something bigger than ourselves, without ingratitude that keeps us from serving our neighbors. Democracy must be the love of humanity and equality. The idea that love is more important to him there. Some people end up by yourself and just want you hurting yourself. Everyone is flawed and your emotions leads to more problems. Democracy aims to unite the nation and the preservation of liberty and justice for all. Very clear in the history of the founding fathers of our nation wanted democracy, we believe in something bigger than themselves. Unfortunately for most of his life before in our country today, and the machine does ... House divided will fall.

People believe in democracy in America, because we ... This is a democratic country or an empire in ruins, where people value their loyalty to the leader of your nation was founded? We certainly have united and balanced. Political leaders can not even come together to solve our economic crisis. People can join and be able to get what they want. Democracy is an illusion, a shadow of what it was before? Finally, if a failure of democracy in our country, it is because we, the people, the nation has not worked.

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