Article On Democracy

( article on democracy )

Democracy must be unity in the center, and the balance is. Democracy for the people to determine what is best for the nation as a whole. The unit and the balance of power and ensure that no ... This can happen unexpectedly.

Maybe democracy today is just a dream, or more like a hallucination, a ghost of its former self. We believe in democracy, in the United States, because we want to. In the same way that the believer wants to believe in God. Neither party can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is or not, God is love. How can people feel democracy is more than a dream, today is an illusion?

Like the United States, Rome was a republic with democratic values. Model of Roman political thinkers and has inspired many modern democracies models imitate the Romans and Greeks. In ancient Rome, political leaders have chosen to serve their country without charge. In the days before Julius Caesar changed everything, care to help balance the senators knew Rome.

The problem of obesity

Simple introduction:

Today will be our theme of "obesity and methods of treatment"
Many people (especially women) are asking for treatments for obesity
Which has become a growing phenomenon in recent years in the whole world.

Regardless of the health risks, and are fed high-fat foods. Fast food grow and fade healthy options. It is easy to blame someone. However, you do not have to look far to see another ad for your favorite fast food restaurant.

Obesity problems:

Do not be one of the victims of smoking.

After deep thought. I wanted to speak this week and will be the basis of talking about "smoking."
We will talk about several points in smoking:
1 - What are the components of a cigarette?
2 - What is the nicotine damage?
3 - What are the damages carbon monoxide?
4 - What are the tar material damage?
5 - Why can not the smoker to stop smoking?
6 - What are the steps that must be followed by smokers to get rid of this bad habit?

First: What are the components of a cigarette?

The cigarette consists of three basic materials they (the nicotine - carbon monoxide - tar).
Now we will look at each of these items on my own and know them from near the and harmfulness bezel.

1 - (nicotine) What is the damage nicotine?

The importance of writing .. (by small writer)

The writing process is different for many people. There are many styles as there are personalities. Some people, such as "free writing" in a blank book of ideas, while others want to write from their own experience, and some of the writings of his dreams, and the other depicting everything from beginning to end. Some were tortured by having to write every day, no matter what.(by small writer)

What is the writing for you? Have you ever written since childhood? Are kept diaries of many events that attended or participated in your life? Enter you work? I love to write? Do you hate the idea? Why? These are the important issues of the book is a book.(by small writer)

Independent film when I teach writing begins. What Eptgeh the rights of writing? .. Question is hardly separated IMDB complex, Writing now choppy sea waves are philosophy as tech material of history as it is material and means of foreseeing the future.(by small writer)