Do not be one of the victims of smoking.

After deep thought. I wanted to speak this week and will be the basis of talking about "smoking."
We will talk about several points in smoking:
1 - What are the components of a cigarette?
2 - What is the nicotine damage?
3 - What are the damages carbon monoxide?
4 - What are the tar material damage?
5 - Why can not the smoker to stop smoking?
6 - What are the steps that must be followed by smokers to get rid of this bad habit?

First: What are the components of a cigarette?

The cigarette consists of three basic materials they (the nicotine - carbon monoxide - tar).
Now we will look at each of these items on my own and know them from near the and harmfulness bezel.

1 - (nicotine) What is the damage nicotine?

The nicotine from more components of cigarette that cause damage to a very large teeth., And this damage "caused blood pressure, causing a stroke, atherosclerosis, increased blood sugar, dehydration" and here we have mentioned the most important damage caused by nicotine to the human body .
2 - (carbon monoxide material) What is the damage of carbon monoxide?
The material of carbon monoxide is very dangerous substances that destroy the human body in many ways, including the "cause lung tumors, cancer," and I think that this alone is enough to drive any smoker to quit smoking permanently.
3 - Article (tar) What are the tar material damage?
Damage caused by tar material "helps to blockage of the airways, causing shortness of breath."

And now we have finished the definition in terms of cigarette ingredients and damages for each of them separately.
Now we address to the second point, namely:

Second: Why can not the smoker to stop smoking?
I see that this is one of the most important points that touched on this lesson in particular in order to speak about them. Because they cause obstacle before any smoker wants to quit smoking. Then this is the first question that comes to mind, "Why I can not quit smoking"
Smoking makes a person smoked like a slave to him and make him respect him more and more until he got to the stage can not never get rid of it and keep a slave to this habit until receipt by the loss and cause his death. This is not what we want.
Do you know that die every year due to smoking about 3 million people.
As the scientists they said that this number will grow too in the next thirty years and will reach 10 million people a year, and a large proportion of them
Will be from developing countries (about 70%).
(((Do not be one of the victims of smoking)))
As the cigarette with a narcotic substance cause a person for a cigarette addiction.

And now we come to another point in our conversation today and the most important among all the points
Third: What are the steps that must be followed by smokers to get rid of this bad habit?
1) self-striving.
2) Keep a cigarette before us and try not ignited.
We try to be stronger than a cigarette because we also already, you can liberate yourself, dear smoker smoking restrictions.
3) Whenever we wanted to light a cigarette, eat half an orange or a lemon because there citrus help bridge the desire to ignite a cigarette.

Finally, every smoker Ali advised that from now try to maintain his health, and take strict decision not to be touched to smoking again.
And thank you for your follow-up beautiful .. Hope you publish Thread even permeated interest on everyone and be reason to protect a lot of death and destruction due to smoking.

And to take in the next article. Thank you