The importance of writing .. (by small writer)

The writing process is different for many people. There are many styles as there are personalities. Some people, such as "free writing" in a blank book of ideas, while others want to write from their own experience, and some of the writings of his dreams, and the other depicting everything from beginning to end. Some were tortured by having to write every day, no matter what.(by small writer)

What is the writing for you? Have you ever written since childhood? Are kept diaries of many events that attended or participated in your life? Enter you work? I love to write? Do you hate the idea? Why? These are the important issues of the book is a book.(by small writer)

Independent film when I teach writing begins. What Eptgeh the rights of writing? .. Question is hardly separated IMDB complex, Writing now choppy sea waves are philosophy as tech material of history as it is material and means of foreseeing the future.(by small writer)

It all starts with an idea. Soon, the story that helps transfer idea accuracy. The next, and that the characters appear in writing a beautiful thing I do when I write about my daily life events or situations become Mai it with the days become wonderful memories
Beautiful and lessons for me in the future and when you read what I write I take advantage of the mistakes of the past do not come back never to be repeated.(by small writer)

What do you think? Does this work for you? Can be very visual and image search. Heck, you might even inspire the music. Why are all the same question? The truth is that it is always important to not only write a good story, but a way to preserve the history, and contact with our own emotions, and connect to all the people who make up this world.(by small writer)

Thinking in many books and movies that mean something to you. I bet that covers your life than you realize. Writing is a part of us and will always be. Writing is very important in the life of every human being
It was a lot skip writing .. although they are essential in the development of vocabulary and the ability to express and photography, and is one of the ways in which the human being.Spirit himself through it. (small Author)

I wish you the daily maintenance of the writing .. and not even a small blog entries will not take you to the time of writing .. but the process is very important and must be preserved .. they are active to have a lot of parts of the brain .. Thank you and I hope that you like the subject and share it with your friends .(by small writer).

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